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American Muscle Car
1967 Ford Mustang Coupe
High Country Special
A Ford Mustang is THE American muscle car. It has a very distinctive and purposeful look to go with a mean growl from its V8 engine.  This first generation Mustang was made famous by the legendary chase scene in the Steve McQueen film from 1968 called Bullitt.
Although we do not own "The Bullitt Mustang" we think that our 1967 coupe is a very good alternative.  The car is an extremely rare special edition, known as a High Country Special. Not only is the Columbine Blue colour scheme unique to this very limited edition version of the Ford Mustang, but our car is the only High Country Special in the UK. This therefore gives you both an instantly recognisable “bucket list” car and exclusivity at the same time. .
The car has lap style seat belts in the rear to accommodate two passengers along with a lap belt for the front seat passenger.
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